Person Notes
Dan Coman works in the field of several complex variables. His main interests include pluripotential theory and complex dynamics in higher dimensions.
Tadeusz Iwaniec is interested in harmonic analysis and partial differential equations. In particular, he is investigating quasiconformal mappings in n dimensions and their association with nonlinear equations utilizing variational integrals similar to those arising in nonlinear elasticity.
Leonid Kovalev works in geometric mapping theory and related areas of analysis. He is particularly interested in quasiconformal mappings and geometric analysis on metric spaces.
Loredana Lanzani is interested in harmonic analysis, partial differential equations, and complex analysis in one and several variables. Some of her more recent work has been focused on applying the Calderon-Zygmund theory of singular integral operators to study holomorphic Cauchy-like integrals that act on ambient domains with rough boundary.
Jani Onninen's area of specialization is Nonlinear Analysis and Geometric Function Theory.
Eugene Poletsky specializes in complex analysis and works mainly with functions of several complex variables. Among his subjects of interest are invariant metrics, plurisubharmonic functions and holomorphic currents.
Gregory Verchota studies singular integral operators applied to elliptic boundary value problems for linear equations and systems defined in nonsmooth domains. His recent work has led to new maximum principles for higher order equations.
Andrew Vogel works in partial differential equations and studies regions on which there are solutions to overdetermined boundary value problems.
William Wylie is interested in geometric analysis. In particular, these interests include geometric partial differential equations on manifolds, geometric flows, and analysis on metric spaces. He is also an associate member of the interdisciplinary Soft & Living Matter group at Syracuse University.
Yuan Yuan works in several complex variables and Kähler geometry. He is particularly interested in rigidity problems and canonical Kähler metrics.

Postdocs and part-time faculty

Person Notes
Muhammed Alan works in the area of several complex variables.
Abdellatif Bourhim works in functional analysis, function theory, probability and statistics.

Graduate students

Person Notes
Earnest Akofor is a student of Professor Kovalev.
Stephen Farnham is a student of Professor Lanzani and Professor Shen.
Muzhi Jin is a student of Professor Yuan.