Applied Mathematics

Person Notes
Uday Banerjee is interested in the analysis of numerical methods to approximate solutions, eigenvalues and eigenvectors of elliptic PDEs. Presently, he is studying various aspects of Meshless Methods and Generalized Finite Element Methods. His interests also include elliptic PDEs with nonsmooth coefficients.
Adam Lutoborski studies weak convergence methods in nonlinear variational problems. In particular, he is interested in homogenization methods and microstructure in nonlinear elasticity.
Minghao Rostami is interested in linear stability analysis for large-scale dynamical systems and numerical methods for the linear systems arising from it.
Lixin Shen is interested in applied and computational harmonic analysis. He is currently using wavelets analysis for digital image processing. He is also a member of the interdisciplinary Soft & Living Matter group at Syracuse University.
Yi (Grace) Wang's research interests lie in applied harmonic analysis, machine learning and signal and image processing. In particular, she is interested in modeling high-dimensional data clouds with appropriate (locally) low-dimensional structures as well as relevant applications to real data, including lightcurves in astronomy, medical signals, images of paintings and hyperspectral images and videos of remote sensing.

Professor Emeritus

Person Notes
Yuesheng Xu's research interests include computational mathematics, wavelet analysis, signal processing and image processing. In particular, he is interested in fast multiscale solutions of differential equations and integral equations.

Graduate students

Person Notes
Stephen Farnham is a student of Professor Lanzani and Professor Shen.
Xuefei Ma is a student of Professor Shen.
Erin Tripp is a student of Professor Shen.