Mathematics Education


Person Notes
Nicole L. Fonger researches how students learn mathematics, with a focus on students' learning of algebra and algebraic thinking across K-12 schooling. Her work involves the development of learning progressions and learning trajectories to characterize students' learning of mathematics in relation to curricular and instructional supports for learning.
Duane T. Graysay examines how university students approach the construction of mathematical generalities.
Joanna Masingila studies teacher development, teacher educator development, mathematical knowledge for teaching teachers, and students’ out-of-school mathematics practice.
Charlotte Sharpe's research is focused on mathematics teacher learning, professional development, and high-leverage means of supporting teachers to develop ambitious instructional practices with diverse students. She studies how research on teacher education and school-embedded professional development can inform one another and how partnerships between teacher educators, educational researchers, and school-based practitioners can create sustainable systems of support for teacher learning that cross institutional boundaries.

Graduate students

Person Notes
Julia Berger is a student of Professor Graysay.
Joash Geteregechi is a student of Professor Masingila.
Jessica Harnly is a student of Professor Masingila.
Grace Njuguna is a student of Professor Masingila.
AnnMarie O'Neil is a student of Professor Doerr.