Person Notes
Lee Kennard is interested in Riemannian geometry (comparison geometry, lower sectional curvature bounds), algebraic topology (equivariant cohomology, rational homotopy theory), and transformation groups (homogeneous spaces, biquotients, cohomogeneity one manifolds).
Jack Ucci is using the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence and the geometry of symmetric products to study the topological K-theory of Eilenberg-MacLane spaces. He is also applying K-theory and equivariant homotopy theory to investigate the suspension order of a finite product of projective spaces.
Stephan Wehrli works in low-dimensional topology and has a special interest in homology theories for knots and links.
William Wylie is interested in Riemannian geometry and related areas of geometric analysis and topology. These areas include Ricci curvature and topology, special Riemannian metrics such as Einstein metrics and Ricci solitons, geometry and analysis on metric spaces, and geometric flows. He is also an associate member of the interdisciplinary Soft & Living Matter group at Syracuse University.
Yuan Yuan works in several complex variables and Kähler geometry. He is particularly interested in rigidity problems and canonical Kähler metrics.

Graduate students

Person Notes
Muzhi Jin is a student of Professor Yuan.
Casey Necheles is a student of Professor Miller and Professor Wehrli.

Professors Emeriti

Person Notes
Douglas Anderson is interested in the interplay between topology and algebraic K-theory. He has used this point of view to investigate questions involving polyhedra, CW complexes, manifolds, transformation groups and pseudoisotopies.
Wu-Teh Hsiang is applying ideas and techniques from differential equations and Lie group theory to study such differential geometric objects as minimal submanifolds or submanifolds of constant mean curvature.