Employee Resources

Counseling Services

Mental Health Services: Your emotional/mental health is as important as your physical health. If at any point during the semester, you feel overwhelmed with your class work, feel thoughts of depression/suicide, experience sexual assault/rape, experience problems with substance abuse or relationship abuse, or have any other struggles with physical/mental health, take advantage of the free resources available to you through the Syracuse University Counseling Services. You may also contact the Office of Student Assistance for help with these issues. For LGBTQIA related issues, you may contact the LGBTQIA Resources Center.

Employee Benefits

Benefits: To learn more about the benefits available to you - depending on your employment/enrollment status - at Syracuse University you may visit the SU Benefits page.

Syracuse University Policies

SU Policies: Visit the Syracuse University Policies page to read more about the various employment, workplace rules, benefits and governmental notices regarding your rights/responsibilities as a student and employee at Syracuse University.

Syracuse University Staff Handbook

Staff Handbook: Visit this link to read the Syracuse University
Staff Employee Handbook provided by the Syracuse University Department of Human Resources.

Privacy Policy

Privacy: Visit the Privacy Policy page to learn more about your employee responsibilities to protect your students privacy or your rights to privacy as a student and employee. To learn more about Student Rights Under The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you may visit the linked site.

Health Services

Health Services: If during your studies at Syracuse University you should need medical attention, health/wellness advice, or other health/medical related issues, you can visit the Health Services page at Syracuse University. You may call 1.315.443.9005 to schedule an appointment (be sure to have your SU ID number ready).

Student Conduct

Student Conduct: To learn more about your students rights/responsibilities or your own rights/responsibilities as a graduate student at Syracuse University, you may visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities webpage.

Public Safety

Public Safety: Contact Public Safety if you need to report a crime or possible crime, need/want to access the Daily/Annual Crime Logs, contact Lost/Found, register your bicycle, file a complaint, or have any other safety related issue. Remember, if you feel unsafe walking to a destination on or near campus, you can request an escort by calling 1.315.443.SAFE (7233). For an emergency, you dial #78 (#SU) or dial 711 from any campus phone. For any non-emergency, you can dial 1.315.443.2224.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity: Visit this link to read the Syracuse University Academic Integrity policy to learn more about you and your students responsibilities with regard to Syracuse University policy, what constitutes plagiarism, academic dishonesty, and academic negligence. The links will also outline your reporting responsibilities as an instructor (this is done via MySlice).

LGBTQIA Resource Center

LGBTQIA Resources Center:For issues relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, or other related issues, or perhaps to just get more involved in the LGBTQIA community at Syracuse University, you may contact the LGBTQIA Resource Center at Syracuse University. You can also contact the Mental Health Services at Syracuse University.

Parking and Transit Services

Transit Service at SU: If you are driving to campus and will need parking, all the information on prices, policies, and lot availabilities can be found at the Parking and Transit Service webpage. The webpage also contains information on zipcar rentals and the shuttle/bus service schedules.

Syracuse University Campus

Campus Map: If you are having trouble locating a building on campus, try searching through the campus map! You can always call the department you are trying to locate if you experience further trouble locating their offices.

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