Student Resources

Departmental Resources

Syracuse Mathematics Math Department: The homepage for the Mathematics Department at Syracuse University.

Frequently Asked Questions: The department outlines answers to questions commonly asked by mathematics graduate students.

Graduate Courses: A list of graduate courses in the Mathematics Department at Syracuse University.

Graduate Research Links: Brief updates on mathematics research happening at Syracuse University.

University Resources

Graduate Student Organization: The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is comprised of graduate student representatives from various departments that give graduate students a voice with regards to campus issues. They have provide a variety of resources (including travel/research grants), legal representation, and hold a variety of events - typically at the Inn Complete.

Future Professoriate Program: The Future Professoriate Program (FPP) is a professional development program for graduate students who hope to get a job in higher education. Accepted members into the program receive independent mentoring, a FPP stipend, and a certificate in University teaching to make them more competitive in their future career.

Teaching Mentor: Graduate students accepted as teaching mentors help advise and train incoming graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University. While this typically involves only the graduate teaching orientation, they do help with a number of events throughout the year.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Services: This site provides links to a number of services provided by Syracuse University for its teaching assistants. This includes opportunities to have ones teaching recorded and evaluated as well as opportunities to visit the classroom of distinguished faculty.

Syracuse University Teaching Resources: More links to services for graduate teaching assistants provided specifically by Syracuse University.

Syracuse University Teaching Assistant Links: A page of links provided by Syracuse University to address a number of issues for graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University.

Opportunities in Mathematics

Travel Grants: The American Mathematical Society (AMS) page with list of AMS meetings with opportunities for funding to visit or speak at these conferences.

Programs for Graduate Students: American Mathematical Society (AMS) career and professional development opportunities for graduate students.

Math Programs: A website dedicated to compiling research and job opportunities, especially for graduate and undergraduate students, in Mathematics and other STEM fields.

American Mathematics Society: The homepage for the American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Mathematical References

Conference Videos: An open collection of videos of talks from various workshops and conferences.

WolframMathWorld: An extensive resource of mathematics definitions and examples.

Math History: An online encyclopedia of mathematicians, mathematics history, and other mathematical objects.

Mathematical Symbols: A nearly comprehensive list of symbols used in mathematical writing.

Random: A website dedicated to demonstrating the need/usefulness of random numbers.

Math Genealogy: A compilation of students/advisors dating back hundreds of years. The genealogy of the Mathematics Department at Syracuse University can can be found at this link.

Mathematics Help

MathOverflow: A site for professional and other research mathematicians to ask research level questions. For general, non-research level questions, use MathStackExchange instead.

MathStackExchange: A site for mathematics students everywhere to ask/answer questions and obtain mathematics advice.

Math Counterexamples: A website dedicated to demonstrating various counterexamples in Mathematics.

Proof is Trivial: A fun website for 'solving' difficult proofs.

Mathematical Databases

WolframAlpha: A wonderful and free computation an searchable knowledge database. The system takes verbal commands such as 'integrate x^3 sin(2x)', 'plot x^2-y^2+z^2=6', 'barometric pressure May 5, 2014 Ithaca, NY', 'number of Spanish speakers in the US', 'map of Germany', 'sum of alternating harmonic series', etc.

Online Integer Sequences: An online searchable database of integer sequences.

Number Field Database: A database of Number Fields.

Elliptic Curve Data: A database for Elliptic Curves.

Inverse Symbolic Calculator: A free online inverse symbolic calculator.

Mathematical Publishing

Publishers: A list of questionable publishers that graduate students should avoid submitting any papers to.

Math Gen: A site that automatically generates (fake) 'publishable' mathematics papers.

Mathematical Comics and Blogs

XKCD: A thrice-weekly comedy comic strip with topics relevant to STEM fields.

XKCD What-If: Run by the XKCD comic creator, this site dedicates itself to answering, as accurately as possible, strange questions poised by its readers.

American Mathematical Society Blog: A list of blogs sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, including a blog by mathematics graduate students about life as a mathematics graduate student.

Inside Higher Ed: A page with news and blogs relating to higher education.

PhD Comics: A comedic comic strip relating to the graduate school experience.

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