Main Mathematics Office:

215 Carnegie Building

Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY 13244-1150

Phone: 315.443.3849

Fax: 315.443.1475

Street Address (different from the mailing address):

130 Sims Drive, Syracuse, NY



Faculty and Administration:

Name Title Phone Email Carnegie Office
Uday Banerjee Department Chair 315.443.1471 215
Leonid Kovalev Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies 315.443.1487 311C
Graham Leuschke Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs 315.443.1500 317G
Julie O'Connor Senior Administrator 315.443.1477 215C
Sandra Ware Administrative Specialist 315.443.1473 215D
Moira McDermott Assistant Chair 315.443.1481 313E
Jeff Meyer Assistant Chair 315.443.1479 206F
Joanna Masingila Coordinator of Mathematics Education 315.443.1483 103D
Claudia Miller Colloquium Organizer 315.443.1493 300A
Yuan Yuan Colloquium Organizer 315.443.1558 313F

Mathematics Graduate Organization Board:

Name Title Phone Email Office
Caleb McWhorter President 315.443.7084 400D Carnegie
Casey Necheles Vice President 315.443.3321 222 Smith
Erin Griffin Treasurer 315.443.1586 400E Carnegie
Rachel Diethorn Secretary & Undergraduate Committee Representative 315.443.2126 222 Smith
Sara Beberman Colloquium Organizer 315.443.1586 400E Carnegie
Erin Tripp GSO Senator 315.443.1582 400A Carnegie
Joash Geteregechi GSO Senator 315.443.7084 400D Carnegie
Caleb McWhorter WebMaster 315.443.7084 400D Carnegie


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