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The City of Syracuse

      The city of Syracuse is located in Onondaga County, NY. The village of Syracuse was founded in 1825 with the city of Syracuse being founded in 1847. Currently the roughly 26 square miles (67 square kilometers) is home to a population of approximately 150,000 persons with the greater metropolitan Syracuse area containing a population of approximately 732,000 persons. This makes Syracuse the largest city in the United States with the name ‘Syracuse’. The city of Syracuse itself is composed of 26 smaller neighborhoods, including Westcott, University Hill, Eastwood, Brighton, and Meadowbrook.

      Syracuse is home to the largest fair in New York State: The New York State Fair. The 175 year old fair packs over 1,000,000 visitors onto its 375 acres during the 12 day event. In addition to containing an opera house, the Erie Canal Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology, Salt Museum, Armory Square, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and two universities with sports attractions (Syracuse University and LeMoyne College), Syracuse is also home to the sixth largest mall in the United States: Destiny USA. Destiny USA’s 2,450,000 square feet contain over 300 shops including the first indoor go-cart course to be included in a mall in the nation. Syracuse also typically wins the Golden Snowball Award – going to the upstate NY city with the most snowfall in a season (Syracuse averages approximately 116 inches of snow in a season).

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