About the Mathematics Graduate Organization (MGO)

The Mathematics Graduate Organization (MGO) at Syracuse University is a graduate student organization consisting of the graduate students in the Mathematics and Mathematics Graduate Education programs. Each year, members of this student body are elected by their peers to serve as liaisons between the mathematics graduate student body and the mathematics faculty as well as the university itself. The MGO organizes a yearly picnic (occurring in the Fall semester) as well as an annual conference – the Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference. This is one of the only mathematics conferences in the nation to be organized entirely by graduate students! In addition to these duties, the MGO also organizes several colloquiums each semester to allow mathematics graduate students at the university to present mathematics – especially their current research – to their fellow graduate students.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Mathematics Graduate Organization (MGO) at Syracuse University to represent the mathematics and mathematics education graduate body at Syracuse University to the faculty and University to the utmost extent of its ability. The MGO dedicates itself to providing the highest level of service possible to its student body in order help each student in becoming successful students, engaging educators, and reflective researchers.

Facebook Page

You can visit the MGO Facebook page at this link or by clicking the media link at the top of the page.

Contact Information

Main Mathematics Office:

215 Carnegie Building
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1150
Phone: 315-443-3849
Fax: 315-443-1475
Street address: 130 Sims Drive, Syracuse, NY (different from mailing address)

Contact information for any specific faculty relating to the MGO can be found at this link.