LaTeX Resources

TeX is a wonderful way to typeset Mathematics beautifully. TeX can be used to make course materials, typeset homework or notes, create posters, write books, produce figures or posters, and more! Though the initial learning curve is steep, TeX is essential to producing beautiful documents in Mathematics and is worth the effort! Note that one nice website for LaTeX is Overleaf. Overleaf lets you create, edit, and download your TeX files and PDFs from anywhere, online. Overleaf also allows you to share your files for collaboration and download already made templates, see the templates section below.

TeX Templates

The MGO has a number of LaTeX templates. These have been uploaded to Overleaf so that you can view them without having to compile them. To download any of the templates to use yourself, click on the ‘Menu’ in the upper-left and download the source code. This can then be uploaded to Overleaf for your own use!

In some cases where one would create many different similar documents, e.g. quizzes where one would have many different quizzes but all having the same preamble coding, it is more efficient to use a style sheet. This way, you can keep all the quizzes in the same folder and have them all compile from the one style sheet. This avoids lots of unnecessary clutter at the start of each quiz. Templates that have versions with this design have an extra ‘Multi-use’ template.

Exam Templates

Quiz Templates

Homework Templates

Worksheet Templates

Syllabi Templates

A special thanks to Erin Griffin for contributing the ‘Respect Policy’ for the syllabi.

Mental Health Services Templates

Feedback Card Templates

Assignment Templates (for your homeworks)

Beamer Templates

CV Templates

Note Templates

Flashcard Templates

Conference Poster Templates

Introduction Sheet Templates

For ease of download, all of these templates can be downloaded all at once at the following link:

LaTeX Templates – GoogleDrive

You can also find many LaTeX projects, especially notes from Syracuse University Mathematics courses at the following GitHub page:

GitHub – Caleb McWhorter

Finally, a number of other wonderful LaTeX templates can be found at David Mehrle’s page. He has an especially wonderful course note templates.

Introduction to TeX

For those only just starting in TeX, here are a number of links to help you along the way.


LaTex Symbols

A few links to help those looking for that one symbol they just cannot seem to find how to typeset!


Introduction to Beamer

TeX can create presentation slides. The advantage of doing this, other than the beautiful rendered Mathematics, is that the output is a PDF so that there is never an issue with the computer system not having a program to open your file or other compatibility issues. Here are a few links to help those getting started in Beamer.


Finding Templates & Packages

There are a number of places to obtain LaTeX and beamer templates as well as LaTeX packages for expanded TeX capabilities! A few of these can be found below.

LaTeX & Beamer Templates
TeX Packages
Beamer Themes