Mathematics Resources

Mathematical Papers

  • Arxiv: A collection of preprints maintained by Cornell University. This is a standard place for mathematicians to place their preprints and papers.
  • IHES: The library for the IHES. Grothendieck’s works can be found here.
  • AMS Journals: A collection of journals overseen by the American Mathematical Society.


Opportunities in Mathematics

  • Travel Grants: The American Mathematical Society page with list of AMS meetings with opportunities for funding to visit or speak at these conferences.
  • Programs for Graduate Students: American Mathematical Society (AMS) career and professional development opportunities for graduate students.
  • Math Programs: A website dedicated to compiling research and job opportunities, especially for graduate and undergraduate students, in Mathematics and other STEM fields.
  • Math Jobs: A website compiling professorships, postdoc positions, and other related mathematical positions.
  • American Mathematics Society: The homepage for the American Mathematical Society (AMS).


Mathematics Lectures

  • Conference Videos: An open collection of videos of talks from various workshops and conferences.
  • MIT OCW: MIT OpenCourseware offers lecture videos and other courseware for free.
  • MSRI: A collection of lectures maintained by the MSRI.
  • Clay Math: A collection of videos maintained by the Clay Mathematics Foundation.


Computational Devices

  • Mathematica: Mathematica is a powerful computational mathematical software. You can find the general website here, the demonstrations page here, and the blog page here.
  • MAGMA: A large, well-supported software package designed for computations in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry and algebraic combinatorics.
  • Sage: A free-source mathematics software system, similar to Mathematica.
  • GAP: A computational device for discrete algebra.
  • WolframAlpha: A useful site for making computations and pulling up data.
  • Symbolab: Another symbolic calculator.
  • Geogebra: A great piece of free software for all sorts of Geometry. (You can find how to use it here .)
  • Calculator Programs: A site full of useful programs for the TI-83, TI-84, and TI-89.
  • Rice ODE Software: A useful website for visualizing vector fields.


Mathematical Databases

  • WolframAlpha: A wonderful and free computation an searchable knowledge database. The system takes verbal commands such as ‘integrate x^3 sin(2x)’, ‘plot x^2-y^2+z^2=6’, ‘barometric pressure May 5, 2014 Ithaca, NY’, ‘number of Spanish speakers in the US’, ‘map of Germany’, ‘sum of alternating harmonic series’, etc.
  • LMFDB: An online database of Number Fields, L-functions, and modular forms. This site is compatible with MAGMA, Sage, Pari, GAP, and Mathematica.
  • Online Integer Sequences: An online searchable database of integer sequences.
  • Number Field Database: A database of Number Fields.
  • Elliptic Curve Data: A database for Elliptic Curves.
  • Inverse Symbolic Calculator: A free online inverse symbolic calculator.


Mathematical References

  • WolframMathWorld: An extensive resource of mathematics definitions and examples.
  • Math History: An online encyclopedia of mathematicians, mathematics history, and other mathematical objects.
  • Mathematical Symbols: A nearly comprehensive list of symbols used in mathematical writing.
  • Random: A website dedicated to demonstrating the need/usefulness of random numbers.
  • Math Genealogy: A compilation of students/advisors dating back hundreds of years. The genealogy of the Mathematics Department at Syracuse University can can be found at this link.


Mathematics Help


Mathematical Publishing

  • Questionable Publishers: A list of questionable publishers that graduate students should avoid submitting any papers to.
  • Math Gen: A site that automatically generates (fake) ‘publishable’ mathematics papers.
  • MR Lookup: A reference tool for BibTeX referencing.


Mathematical Comics and Blogs

  • Tao’s Blog: The blog of famous mathematician and expositor Terence Tao.
  • XKCD: A thrice-weekly comedy comic strip with topics relevant to STEM fields.
  • XKCD What-If: Run by the XKCD comic creator, this site dedicates itself to answering, as accurately as possible, strange questions poised by its readers.
  • LEGO Grad Student: Life as a graduate student, all told through LEGOs.
  • Wolfam Blog: A blog of Mathematics and Computer Science topics using Mathematica.
  • Advice for Amateur Mathematicians: Professor Henry Cohn’s advice for new mathematicians.
  • American Mathematical Society Blog: A list of blogs sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, including a blog by mathematics graduate students about life as a mathematics graduate student.
  • Inside Higher Ed: A page with news and blogs relating to higher education.
  • PhD Comics: A comedic comic strip relating to the graduate school experience.


Mathematical Challenges


Mathematical Artwork


Teaching College Level Science and Engineering


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  • NFS Listing: The National Science Foundation’s list of summer undergraduate Math research programs.
  • AMS Listing: The American Mathematical Society’s list of summer undergraduate Math research programs.
  • Math Programs : A useful site for Math REU programs where one can apply to many programs with one application form.