Student & Employee Resources

Mathematics Department Resources


Teaching College Level Science and Engineering


University Webpages

  • MySlice: The main university webpage to access your student lists, enroll in courses, view your bursar account, submit hours, access payroll, purchase parking permits, enroll in health insurance, etc.
  • Blackboard: The University course webpage hub, both for the courses you are teaching and the courses which you are taking.
  • Orange SUccess: The University webpage for the Orange SUccess program.
  • Graduate School: The main university webpage for the Graduate School at Syracuse University.
  • Graduate Student Organization: The webpage for the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at Syracuse University.
  • Classroom Guides: This webpage lists the classroom (technology) resources and photographs of classrooms at Syracuse University.
  • Collage: A University maintained collection of photographs of the college.


Student Service Departments

  • Office of Disability Services: The Office of Disability Services offers many resources for students needing any special accommodations for classes/exams.
  • Office of Student Assistance: The Office of Student Assistance helps students with academic success by helping to organize and streamline student life, and provide resources at the University to help facilitate your studies.
  • Counseling Center Services: The Counseling Center is an excellent service available to students in need of assistance with issues of mental health, sexual assault, relationship violence, and substance abuse issues. Your emotional/mental health is as important as your physical health. If at any point during the semester, you feel overwhelmed with your class work, feel thoughts of depression/suicide, experience sexual assault/rape, experience problems with substance abuse or relationship abuse, or have any other struggles with physical/mental health, take advantage of the free resources available to you through the Syracuse University Counseling Services. Note that the Counseling Center offers group sessions for graduate students (no undergraduates).
  • Public Safety: You can report crimes, request a campus escort, request a police report, find the Lost & Found, find the crime report mandated by the Cleary Act, and much more at this page. You can also call 24/7, 365 days a year at 315.443.2224, dial #78 (#SU) from your cell phone, or dial 711 from a campus phone.
  • Health Services: At this link, you can make appointments and find information about health services and healthy living tips.
  • LGBTQIA Resource Center: A resource for students wanting more information or needing discussion on issues/diversity of gender or sexual identity.
  • Student Tutoring Services: An excellent resource for students wishing to improve their academic performance – whether they are having difficulties or want to learn the topic further in-depth.
  • Parking Services: If you are driving to campus and will need parking, all the information on prices, policies, and lot availabilities can be found at the Parking and Transit Service webpage. The webpage also contains information on zipcar rentals and the shuttle/bus service schedules. Note that if you are a department TA, for most parking permits, you can submit a copy of your TAship for a significant discount.
  • Recreation Facilities: A list of the available gyms and other athletic options available to students.
  • Graduate Student Organization: The webpage for the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at Syracuse University.
  • Information Technology Services: The webpage for Information Technology Services (ITS) at Syracuse University. They can offer assistance for technology related issues at the University, especially in the classroom. Note that you can call them to come and help with technology issues while teaching. You can find classroom resources guides at this link.


Academic Assistance

  • Mathematics Help: A list of mathematics help rooms and tutors for courses in the Mathematics Department.
  • CLASS: The Center for Learning and Student Success. Through this sight, you can find tutoring and other course help offered through the university.
  • Writing Center: The Writing Center offers help with writing and editing papers at Syracuse University.
  • Student Tutoring Services: An excellent resource for students wishing to improve their academic performance – whether they are having difficulties or want to learn the topic further in-depth.


Syracuse University Policies and Procedures


Employee Benefits

  • Employee Benefits: To learn more about the benefits available to you – depending on your employment/enrollment status – at Syracuse University you may visit the SU Benefits page.


Student Activities


Academic Calendar


Campus Map & Busses


The Graduate School at Syracuse University

  • Graduate School: The main university webpage for the Graduate School at Syracuse University.
  • Graduate School Policies: This link contains many of the university policies and procedures that are relevant to you as a graduate instructor.
  • Services for Teaching Assistants: At this link you can find many of the services offered to teaching assistants at Syracuse University. These include equipment loans and requesting to be observed/evaluated and/or recorded to help improve your teaching!
  • Syracuse University Teaching Resources: More links to services for graduate teaching assistants provided specifically by Syracuse University.
  • Syracuse University Teaching Assistant Links: A page of links provided by Syracuse University to address a number of issues for graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University.
  • Critical Incidents in College Teaching Videos: This series of videos demonstrates various scenarios involving diversity and conflict in the classroom, relationships with advisors, peers, and students, issues of sexual harassment and ethnocentrism in the classroom, and other classroom related issues. Their purpose is to give an explicit example for discussion of how to best resolve these issues as well as discuss your rights/responsibilities as an instructor.
  • Future Professoriate Program: A program to help develop future university faculty. The program is a wonderful way to improve your teaching. This requires attending seminars aimed at improving teaching, advancing your career, etc. The program also comes with an annual stipend (for up to two years).
  • TA Orientation Materials: The orientation presentations and materials can be found at this link.
  • Outstanding TA Award: Information about the Outstanding TA Award.
  • TA Program Workshops: Here you can find information about past and upcoming TA Workshops. These workshops are aimed at issues related to teaching or graduate life at Syracuse University. You can also apply to give one of these talks.
  • Teaching Mentors: A list of teaching mentors at Syracuse University.
  • Teaching Mentor: Graduate students accepted as teaching mentors help advise and train incoming graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University. While this typically involves only the graduate teaching orientation, they do help with a number of events throughout the year.


Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

  • Graduate Student Organization: The main page for the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) at Syracuse University. They are your main representatives at the University. Your department (should) be electing a representative to attend monthly meetings to be a voice for your department and vote in your department’s interest. You also apply to book the Inn Complete, apply for a travel grant, find senate meetings, and find information about upcoming events here.


Travel Grants

  • Graduate Student Organization Grants: You can apply for up to $500 to support conference travel through the Graduate Student Organization. Note that you can also apply for funding through the Mathematics Department. Do not forget, most conferences will offer support for graduate student travel! Be sure to pay attention to deadlines!


Computational Devices

  • Mathematica: Mathematica is a powerful computational mathematical software. You can find the general website here, the demonstrations page here, and the blog page here.
  • MAGMA: A large, well-supported software package designed for computations in algebra, number theory, algebraic geometry and algebraic combinatorics.
  • Sage: A free-source mathematics software system, similar to Mathematica.
  • GAP: A computational device for discrete algebra.
  • WolframAlpha: A useful site for making computations and pulling up data.
  • Symbolab: Another symbolic calculator.
  • Geogebra: A great piece of free software for all sorts of Geometry. (You can find how to use it here .)
  • Calculator Programs: A site full of useful programs for the TI-83, TI-84, and TI-89.
  • Rice ODE Software: A useful website for visualizing vector fields.