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TeX is a wonderful way to typeset Mathematics beautifully. Though the initial learning curve is steep, TeX provides full control over the produced PDFs. Here are a few sample TeX documents for various things you may use while at Syracuse University (keep in mind your content need not be the same, these samples are to demonstrate TeX, not course/syllabi material). Note for security reasons, TeX files cannot be saved to this website. If you wish to TeX these documents yourself, simply download the 'TeX' file and copy/paste it into your typesetting program of choice. It may very well be that you may be missing packages to compile some of these files. If that is the case, simply download the missing packages (they most likely can be found at this site) to your TeX folder on your personal computer.

Class Activity Template 1: PDF TeX

Class Activity Template 2: PDF TeX

Comment Card Template: PDF TeX

Commutative Diagrams & Other Mathematical Typesetting: PDF TeX

Exam Template: PDF TeX

Homework Template: PDF TeX

Quiz Template 1: PDF TeX

Quiz Template 2: PDF TeX

Recitation Expectation Template: PDF TeX

Syllabus Template: PDF TeX

For those only just starting in TeX, here are a number of links to help you along the way. Of course, if you are having trouble you can always ask your fellow graduate students for help or possible pre-built templates they might already have.

An Introduction to Mathematical Document Production Using AMSLaTex

WikiBooks for LaTex

How to Typeset Equations in LaTex

The Not So Short Introduction to LaTex

Getting Started in LaTex

Short Math Guide for LaTex

Share LaTex

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

LaTex Templates


LaTex Symbols

A few links to help those looking for that one symbol they just can't seem to find how to typeset!

Comprehensive LaTex Symbol List

Common Expressions in LaTex

Introduction to Beamer

Like TeX, Beamer produces TeX'ed slides that allow navigation within the presentation. Similarly to TeX, the output is a PDF so that there is never a compatibility issue with presenting at various conferences. Below are a few links to help those getting started in Beamer.

A Beamer Tutorial in Beamer

Beamer Theme Matrix

Introduction to Beamer

Making Slides...and Doing It in Beamer

Introduction to Beamer

Presentations in LaTex