Teaching Resources

Handouts for Students

Counseling Center: Should any of your students seem in distress or otherwise in need of the resources available to them at Syracuse University regarding mental health, you can find the resources available to them at this page.

Office of Disability Services

Office of Disability Services: Find rules, guidelines, and the address to submit materials for students needing special accomodations.

Office of Student Assistance

Office of Student Assistance: The Office for students needing help with the various aspects of university life, and help accessing the various resources on campus.

Counseling Service Sheet

Counseling Services Sheet: Unfortunately, higher education faces an epidemic of sexual assault, sexual violence, rape, domestic violence, substance abuse, and overwhelmed students struggling with depression/suicide. This handout sheet has the contact information for free resources available to students at Syracuse University as well as national hotline numbers for those students not comfortable with seeking help from their home university.

Comment Cards

Comment Cards: These simple cards can be handed out after a recitation or lecture to receive instant feedback from students about the class and your teaching. There is no faster way to improve your interaction with your students! These can be printed double sided and then easily cut to hand out to students.

Critical Incidents in College Teaching

CICT Videos: This series of videos demonstrates various scenarios involving diversity and conflict in the classroom, relationships with advisors, peers, and students, issues of sexual harassment and ethnocentrism in the classroom, and other classroom related issues. Their purpose is to give an explicit example for discussion of how to best resolve these issues as well as discuss your rights/responsibilities as an instructor.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation Materials

Orientation Handouts: There are a plethora of resources presented to you during your Graduate Teaching Orientation at Syracuse University. This site contains many of these handouts so that you can further engage in these materials.

Teaching College Level Science and Engineering

Teaching College-Level Science & Engineering: This OCW MIT course contains wonderful lectures given by Dr. Sanjoy Mahajan on how to teach effectively and engagingly in STEM fields. The video lectures can be found on the website as well as at this link. You can find another iteration of this course at this link.

Services for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistant Services: This site provides links to a number of services provided by Syracuse University for its teaching assistants. This includes opportunities to have ones teaching recorded and evaluated as well as opportunities to visit the classroom of distinguished faculty.

Syracuse University Teaching Resources: More links to services for graduate teaching assistants provided specifically by Syracuse University.

Links for Graduate Instructors

Syracuse University Teaching Assistant Links: A page of links provided by Syracuse University to address a number of issues for graduate teaching assistants at Syracuse University.